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  • Can I customize Variety Pack?
    Not specific customization but if there is a month you don't like you can substitute Monster Cookie.
  • What happens if I won't be home for a delivery?
    You can message where to leave your cookies upon delivery otherwise they will need to be picked up from Monster Cookies & more... home location. Unfortunately no redeliveries will be made.
  • How does the "Sweet" Gift Option work?"
    You would pick up the initial 6 Variety cookies in a special package to give to whomever, the package will include instructions for them to redeem their 3 month subscription anytime.
  • Can I have more than one Cookie of the Month delivered to the same address?
    Absolutely! Many people (especially businesses) will order one of each (or several) for the variety and to cover amount of employees.
  • Do I have to sign up online or can I just call?
    Either one, orders can be signed up over the phone as well.
  • Can I switch the delivery day?
    No, unfortunately the delivery schedule is set for the whole year. However, Monster Cookies & more... does deliver at other times upon request with a delivery fee.
  • Do I have to pay by debit or credit?
    No, cash or check is fine, too, but those orders need to be placed in person.
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